I am extremely passionate about people; how businesses help them develop, coach them, utilize their strengths and how it all results, impact the bottom-line.  My goal is to develop leaders so they gain an understanding of how creating an environment of people-focused culture will generate long-term success for their business.

I specialize in the following areas:

People Process Planning & Implementation
Leveraging your business through your people, building strong cohesive teams that produce a high-level and financial results.

Implementation of the right systems to achieve this result:

  • Creating a company culture that reflects your business' values and legacy 
  • Recruiting systems and training
  • On-boarding systems (You've hired them...now what?).  This is one of the most important steps in ensuring you are setting up your people for success!
  • Performance reviews and developing a culture of feedback.  How and why you should be reviewing your people?
  • Succession Planning systems.  Don't leave yourself and your team in a mad scramble.  Proactive planning and risk assessment is essential for a healthy work environment.  
  • Conflict Resolution and effective team building- this is built on aligning your values, with action and team trust.  I help develop leaders and teams in effectively communicating and implementing systems to compliment this process.
  • Accountability Management and Change Management-Change can be a scary and hard process for our teams; having the right training and systems in place for this, can help build a strong level of trust and eliminate the negative ripples that effect our day to day function in our business. 

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