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group training + workshops

Whether you are a business owner, work for someone else, work from home or are just looking to develop great interpersonal workshops will provide you with the development and tools you need to step up your game!  I can also customize workshops based on the obstacles you are facing (you will find the application form link below).  Anyone who has worked with me knows that I get to the root of the issue--no bandaid solutions here!  If you are looking for more individualized coaching, please head to my "High Performance Coaching" page for more information.  

In order for our businesses to excel and succeed, we have to work together as a team. Learning how to master communication, productivity, conflict resolution, and how to choose our teams wisely is where we can begin in order to continue to grow.

We are all faced with constant choices in our everyday life and it is up to us to make the best choice for ourselves, our families, and our livelihood. I also believe that with the choices come changes and that we should not be afraid of change, but should face it head on with passion and courage--as HIGH PERFORMERS!

The Clarity Method- How to create a life you love!

This isn't your normal goal setting workshop. I've developed a 4-step method that is thorough and reflective beyond the standard practices.  You will leave the workshop with the foundational tools to continue this journey beyond our time together.  I also will be launching a online format to help you stay connected and accountable to living your best life ever! Click here if you want in and I'll let you know when our next group starts!

Managing for Results-How to get the most out of your people by creating a win-win environment.

Have you ever felt like you have to do everything on your own and that you can't trust your team to get stuff done when you’re not around? Understand the processes that allow you manage for results.  I will walk you through the importance of foundational training, creating evaluation processes, how to set your team up with clear metrics and what it  means to follow up!  You will leave this workshop having analyzed the bottlenecks that hold you back from achieving being a leader versus being a manager; you will have created specific tools that you will be able to use immediately, and most importantly you will leaving understanding your impact in developing your team to success.

Conflict Resolution-Mastering Challenging Conversations

Are you having problems communicating and achieving the right results with employees, coworkers, senior staff, or even at home? Do you want to learn new tools to increase your confidence with having hard conversations? Would you like to know tips on giving feedback to increase an effective work environment? This dynamic class will show you how to make these conversations easier and get real results.

Mastering Productivity and Time Management

Do you often wonder where your time goes and how to get more of it? Juggling many roles requires us to work at an elevated level, but often at a cost.  Do you have the tools to know how to create the disciplines required to amplify your productivity and time management skills?  Take this workshop as we dig deep into the daily changes you can make to elevate your production rate.  Learn methods that are simple to understand and easy to apply (but yes, consistency is required!)

How to Hire Effectively

Are you tired of having costly turnaround, and continuously retraining new employees?  ‘How to Hire Effectively’ will walk you through the steps of finding the right employees that suit your business needs.  You will leave understanding the important steps in the hiring process as well as creating a hiring plan for your business.  We will outline the hiring process, define your organizational values, outline the tools accessible to you when recruiting, create interview questions and you will leave with a hiring plan catered to your individual business.

If you are interested in setting up a speaking session or a workshop with me, please click here

~Charlotte xo